L'Arche Kapiti

Te Waka Whakaruruhau

Who is L'Arche Kapiti and our Maori name.

. We’re people with differing needs and abilities sharing lives in intentional community. Some of us have what society labels “intellectual disabilities” while others of us come along to live with and share life with these incredible individuals, and in the process, are transformed ourselves. We learn that we all have strengths, weaknesses and gifts to offer, and those who society has traditionally marginalized can be our teachers in a unique way.
L’Arche Kapiti also has a Maori name, “Te Waka Whakaruruhau” which can be translated as “The Sheltering Canoe.” L’Arche is a place of shelter and protection. Father Phil Cody (who helped discern our Maori name), noted a scriptural reference to the parable of the tiny mustard seed (Matt 13:31-32) that becomes a tree so that the birds of the air can shelter in its branches. Ruru is the Maori word for owl, so the whakaruruhau is the tree that shelters lots of owls nesting in its branches, at home and watching. We like to think there are many “wise owls” in L’Arche Kapiti! (Descriptions taken from Mary Woods’ book, “Living Life in Kapiti”).

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About Us

Although L’Arche Kapiti is a registered charity, we don’t want to be seen as deserving of charity. We have a lot to offer society and have much to contribute, so come along and see what we’re all about or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/larchekapitinz/
To learn more about our community’s unique history, consider purchasing “Living Life in Kapiti” by Friend of L’Arche and historian Mary Woods.


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Do you like sharing time with those who are differently abled? Are you open to learning and growing in new ways? If so, becoming a L’Arche Assistant (live-in or live-out) may be for you. There are also various volunteering opportunities to support our community. For more information please email us on larche@larche.org.nz or contact us on Facebook.

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If you would like to donate you can do so directly to L'Arche New Zealand, to support locally donate directly to L'Arche Kapiti
or to another L'Arche community in great financial need donate through our Solidarity account.
You will still receive a NZ tax credit for donations over $5.

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